What’s Your Sign? Matching Wine to Your Zodiac

Looking for a wine that matches your more spiritual side? This list of wine zodiac signs offers a new way to pair wines to complement the stars.

We’ve all been there: so many wines from which to choose, with no idea what to drink next. And with the chance to pair wines with food, weather and even a holiday, why not try your horoscope?

Obviously, this started as a fun experiment rather than an actual spiritual journey. Still, we can’t believe how well these wines fit each sign! Plus, a wine zodiac pairing urges you to try something new that oh-so perfectly suits your personality!

Earth Signs

Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn

Try: Assyrtiko, chenin blanc, gamay, Grenache, pinot noir and zinfandel 

More than anything else, earth signs are known for being … well, down to earth. They tend to be reliable, hard-working and obsessed with quality. Remember how your dad made you mow the lawn for no money because it would “build character”? Yeah, it’s sort of like that.

Based on that, your wine zodiac is looking at wines that are expressive of the land from which they come. Plus, they ought to be something pleasant to enjoy after a hard day’s work.


You are strong, ambitious and a lover of creature comforts. Try a lush GSM blend or a decadent Châteauneuf-du-Pape.


You are loving and gentle, yet practical. Your personality pairs well with the delicate flavours of a Beaujolais or pinot noir, which fully reflect the truth of where they grow.


You are pragmatic, ambitious and serious. You are a perfect fit for the rich but straightforward flavours of a montelpulciano d’abruzzo or the bold, elevated alcohol content of a primitive.

Fire Signs

Aries, Leo and Sagittarius

Try: Barbera, cabernet franc, grüner veltliner, nero d’avola, sangiovese or syrah

Warm, emotional and highly independent, fire signs cannot be stopped when they put their minds to the task. They’re the life of the party who loves to make sure that everyone around them is having just as much fun as they are. They are kind of like Mr. Rogers with a lampshade on his head.

So, not only are the perfect wines for a fire sign inviting and comfortable, they’ll display spicier notes and higher acidity that put them smack into centre stage.


You are confident, competitive, and direct. Try a bold, mouth-zapping grüner veltliner or the straightforward popularity of barbera.


You are optimistic, flamboyant and larger than life. The robust spotlight-hog that is New World shiraz sounds perfect for you. That, or the immense, unforgettable flavour of amarone della valpolicella.


You are flexible, intellectual and given to wanderlust. You are easily a match for the complex notes of cabernet franc or the incredibly adaptable sangiovese.

Water Signs

Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces

Try: Bordeaux blend, cabernet sauvignon, malbec, merlot, nebbiolo, tempranillo and viognier

Of all the signs, those born under a water sign tend to be the most soothing and intuitive. Thoughtful and caring, water signs are the most capable of offering quiet insight and guidance to those around them. They’re basically that best friend that you call every time you lose a job, a boyfriend or a teeny-tiny bit of your mind.

So it’s no wonder that the wines that fit this zodiac sign best fall into those smooth and complex wines that the better part of the world couldn’t do without.


You are paternal, enigmatic and charming. Try the subtle grace of a merlot or attempt to unravel the historical complexities of a Bordeaux blend.


You are intense, persistent, yet guarded. This sign pairs very well with the vivid boldness of a barolo or the smoky intensity of a tempranillo.


You are compassionate, romantic and quirky. Your personality is well suited for the rich, full flavors of a malbec or the jammy, dynamic aromas of a cabernet sauvignon.

Air Signs

Gemini, Libra and Aquarius

Try: Cap Classique, chardonnay, petit verdot, riesling, sauvignon blanc and zweigelt

Air signs are the most adaptable and malleable of the signs. They’re known for their charm, their social grace, and their ability to change as the situation sees fit. Anyone who’s ever dated a theatre major knows exactly what kind of person I’m talking about here.

Put all of that together and your best bet for this wine zodiac is something light, expressive and crisp that goes well with lots of situations: from the serious tasting rooms to the blow out parties!


You are lively, versatile and expressive. Try an aromatic New World sauvignon blanc or pop the cork off some MCC.


You are fair, suave and indulgent. Perhaps a well-balanced riesling or decadent bottle of sherry is in order.


You are logical, eccentric and witty. Sounds like the traditional but surprising flavours you get in petit verdot or Chablis are your best fit.


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