VinoVeritas by CTP App: A giant leap for online wine sales

Those coveted Veritas gold medal and double gold medal winning wines and brandies will now be available for easy ordering and delivery to your doorstep thanks to a new, specially developed app for online wines sales – a first in the world of wine competitions by Veritas, South Africa’s oldest and most trusted competition for market-ready wines and brandies.

This giant leap for the country’s top wine competition has been made possible by ground-breaking collaboration between the organisers – the SA National Wine Show Association (SANWSA) – and its long-standing financial partner CTP Packaging (through its divisions SA Litho Label Printers and CTP Cartons & Labels), with the well-established Getwine portal for online services and the Johannesburg-based Cognition FoneWorx app-developer.

It is a significant wine industry development that comes at a most opportune time when the South African consumer has shown a major swing in favour of online purchasing, including wine, as a result of Covid-19 restrictions and realities, as well as a need to recover the wine industry’s lost sales momentum.

“This is a proud moment in the 30-year history of Veritas that we can launch such a unique app that will benefit both the South African wine industry and the consumer,” says SANWSA chairperson, Christo Pienaar. “This milestone has been achieved despite the difficulties that the wine industry has encountered during the Covid-19 pandemic, and there will already be a direct sales benefit for all the cellars and their gold and double gold award-winning wines and brandies this year. The focus of Veritas from the beginning was to provide the consumer with a guide to the top wines and brandies entered in the competition, and the top achievers can now be ordered from the comfort of their home.”

The wine and brandy buying public can hereby download the dedicated VinoVeritas App on their smartphones or PCs, access the results and immediately order any of the 198 products that won gold or double gold at the 2020 Veritas Awards.

A prospective wine buyer will be able to simply download the app, register and then place orders from 20:00 on the evening of 14 November when the Veritas results are announced.

An attractive promotion for wine and brandy lovers that register on  the VinoVeritas app is that, on a daily basis from 4 – 14  November, one lucky winner will win a six-bottle case of the Veritas winning wines, as well as a grand prize of two seats for the Veritas award luncheon on 14 November.

To download, search for and register on the VinoVeritas app, go to Google Play or the Apple App Store on your mobile to explore the awards, search the wines and order them straight from the App. You will also have access to social media feeds and be able to browse further relevant information. The Veritas website will also feature two icons to click on for direct access to the App for registration.


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