Van Loveren launches eco-friendly Tangled Tree wines

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May 28, 2012

Wine lovers, those who care for the environment and those with a romantic constitution, will be equally thrilled about the launch of Van Loveren’s enticing new range of wines, called Tangled Tree. The five exciting wines not only pay tribute to a colourful family history, they also confirm the Retiefs’ commitment to sustainable wine making. 


“These are generous wines,” says Van Loveren CEO, Phillip Retief. “They’re magnanimous towards nature in their eco-friendly PET bottles and Treefree labels, liberal in their exciting flavours and especially easy on the pockets of consumers.”


The famed tangled tree of Van Loveren, which served as inspiration for this new range, forms part of a tradition of planting trees which marked significant events and special occasions. In 1941 Jean Retief ordered a Rhus Lancea tree from KwaZulu-Natal. Her husband Hennie was convinced that it was no different from the Karee that grew along their river and planted a shoot next to her tree. Their two identical trees have since intertwined into one magnificent tree which has come to symbolize their love for each other.


Soon South African shelves will be graced by five newcomers with mouth-watering names, such as Spicy Shiraz, Chocolate Cabernet Sauvignon, Butterscotch Chardonnay, Moscato Rosé and Tropical Sauvignon Blanc. Simply determine what flavour suits your occasion, menu or taste buds. 


The oak matured Chocolate Cabernet Sauvignon enchants the palate with delectable notes of chocolate and mocha, elegantly layered with hints of cassis and blackberries, while the Spicy Shiraz will boldly tempt you with its rich and powerful red berry soul. The spice on the palate is well integrated and the smooth, well structured tannins give cause for pure indulgence. The Moscato Rosé, made from 100% red muscadel grapes, is a romantic pink, aromatic wine with a luscious nose reminiscent of rose petals.


The Butterscotch Chardonnay, a lightly wooded, medium bodied white wine will delight with its aromas of butterscotch and crème brûlée, balanced by the subtle intensity of fruit. The crisp and fruity Tropical Sauvignon Blanc has abundant aromas of tropical fruit such as guava, melon and gooseberry – a wine for any occasion indeed.


Left: The tangled tree on Van Loveren after which these new wines are named.


With the launch of Tangled Tree, the Retief family has effectively stepped up its commitment to caring for the environment by decreasing their carbon footprint.  The fully recyclable, unbreakable PET bottle generates 50% less greenhouse emissions during the manufacturing process and enables wine lovers to enjoy a glass of their favourite tipple where glass bottles were previously not allowed (think picnics, hikes, river-rafting and music concerts). Using the innovative Treefree label, which is made from 100% renewable sugar cane fibre, gives further credence to their love of Nature.


Soon to be available from all major outlets, the easy-on-the-pocket retail price of R29.99 will only add to the desire to taste not one, but all five. So, don’t wait, become happily entangled in this veritable symphony for the senses!




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