Shannon Vineyards impresses with 6 Platter 5-star ratings!

Shannon Vineyards has once again been affirmed as one of the leading suppliers of fine wines in the Elgin Valley in the latest edition of the authoritative Platter’s SA Wine Guide. These accolades follow a highly successful year for Shannon Vineyards and is a leading testament to their ongoing aspiration of making wines expressive of their unique terroir.

A 5-star rating in The Platter’s by Diner’s Club South African Wine Guide 2019 is reserved for wines that score 95+ points and is considered classic South African wines.

Shannon Vineyards received two 5-star ratings, one for the Capall Bán 2015 and one for the Shannon Black 2013 (above), continuing its successful streak of two 5-star ratings per year for the last three years, or a total of six 5-star ratings in three years. Further to this success, the Shannon Black 2013 was also awarded Merlot of the Year 2019.

“This has been a truly successful year for us,” says Stuart Downes, co-owner and head of marketing at Shannon Vineyards. “While our focus remains on the viticulture principles and our commitment to winemaking as an expression of terroir, these achievements also reflect the dedication of our talented team who share our passion.”

The Shannon Black 2013, also known as Black Bullet, is a 100% merlot. A small hand-bottling captures this classic expression in the bottle only with vintages that the team feel are special enough. Shannon Vineyards, known for producing world-class merlot, places considerable emphasis on capturing the clone expressions in the wine from what is known as the “oldest merlot vineyard” in Elgin. The Mount Bullet, a blend of the 5 different clones, leaves a trail of accolades and achievements with a 5-star rating in the 2010 edition, two 5-stars in the 2017 and 2018 Platter’s edition, a Certificate of Excellence from MW Tim Atkin and first place at the Christian Eedes 2018 Merlot Report, amongst others.

The newly released Capall Bán 2015 (right), a white Bordeaux style blend of 70% semillon and 30% sauvignon blanc were awarded the second 5-star rating.

Shannon Vineyards’ steadfast focus on producing quality wines with a strong viticulture focus demonstrates its success with a steady stream of prominent awards both locally and internationally.

Shannon Vineyards is situated in the Elgin Valley within the Kogelberg Biosphere with mountains on the western boundary and the Peninsula Dam forming the eastern boundary. The name Shannon pays homage to the Shannon and Downes families’ Irish ancestry. Their forefathers, the Shannon and Downes families were from County Cork, Ireland. Today, brothers James and Stuart Downes manage the wine farm and business and strive to continue to produce wines of elegance and finesse expressive of their unique terroir.

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