Raise a glass (or more) on Port-style wines!

“Good Port is a necessity of life for me.”

“My only regret in life is that I did not drink more Port.”

“When there is plenty of Port, sorrow and worry take wing.”

“Port is bottled poetry.”

Yep, Port has received great praise for centuries, and with very good reason. And it has given great pleasure in equal measure!

Today is International Port Day, so why don’t you join the millions and millions of lovers of the nectar of the gods and celebrate with us.

International Port Day is a designated day to celebrate one of the wine world’s oldest and most interesting pleasures. Made famous in Portugal, Port is now produced around the world. However, under the European Union Protected Designation of Origin guidelines, only wines from Portugal are allowed to be labelled Port.

Since 2012 all Port-style wines produced in South Africa, previously called Cape Port, are bottled under the prefix Cape followed by the appropriate style.

So whether it’s a Cape Vintage, Cape Ruby, Cape Pink, Cape Tawny or whatever style you prefer, show some class and enjoy one of life’s greatest gifts. And don’t stop today!



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