‘People drink faster when wine is served in bigger glasses’

A UK government-backed study in 2020 found that smaller wine glasses of 250ml capacity cut consumption by 9,6%, while an outlandishly large 450ml drink encourages people to pace themselves.

Bigger wine glasses in restaurants make us drink more alcohol, the study found.

The volume of wine sold in restaurants in England was found to be seven per cent greater when 370ml glasses were used compared with 300ml glasses.

It’s likely that diners’ approximation of a reasonably-sized glass of wine is distorted when they’re presented with just a slightly bigger glass, the scientists believe. The findings support calls to limit the size of wine glasses in restaurants as a way of reducing alcohol-related illnesses.

“We all like to think we’re immune to subtle influences on our behaviour – like the size of a wine glass – but research like this clearly shows we’re not,” said Professor Ashley Adamson, Director of the NIHR School of Public Health Research, which funded the study.

“This important work helps us understand how the small, everyday details of our lives affect our behaviours and so our health. People drink faster when wine is served in bigger glasses.”



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