Painted Wolf Wines introduces its premium Sauvignon Blanc

Painted Wolf Wines has introduced an exciting new member to “the pack”, its Lightning Sauvignon Blanc 2020, a premium wine from Walker Bay.

This elegant wine, supported by a touch of semillon, is reminiscent of a dry white Bordeaux and has already received 4,5 stars from Platter’s Wine Guide.  The grapes were sourced from Vaalvlei Farm near Stanford, and upon discovering that a portion of the grapes were affected by botrytis, winemaker Jeremy Borg found himself dreaming of white Bordeaux and allowed this to drive the winemaking process.

“Having separated the botrytised grapes from the healthy ones, and working with our usual simple winemaking equipment, I decided not to go down the conventional route and produce a typically, tropical South African sauvignon blanc. A combination of oxidative handling and malolactic conversion created a wonderful texture and mouthfeel, and the use of an egg allowed more lees contact. The semillon was also fermented at a slightly warm temperature creating extra texture.”

The result is a sophisticated wine full of old world character. Layers of citrus, straw and minerality combine with herbal notes and a hint of creamy vanilla.

The Lightning Sauvignon Blanc 2020 is the first member of the newly rebranded “pack” range.  Each wine in the series will carry the name of an African wild dog (painted wolf) that has touched the hearts of conservationists working in the field. Lightning was one of the Kruger National Park’s most famous painted wolves. The alpha male of the Skukuza Pack, with his signature lightning flash on his left side he was easily identifiable and beloved by researchers and the public alike as the quintessential African wild dog.


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