Chateau Del Rei Sweet Red – the new bubbly in a can

Embrace the fabulous flair of Chateau Del Rei Sweet Red, the latest addition to the stylish collection of sparkling wines in a can. Delight in the vibrant fruity aromas of ripened plum, strawberry and blackcurrant and savour the elegant, lingering finish long after the last sip.

This vivacious ruby red sparkler pairs well with pizza, light meals and desserts such as a creamy panna cotta topped with fresh berries.

Conveniently packaged in a can and boasting a lower alcohol content, this easy drinking bubbly-on-the-go is perfect for outdoor adventures such as open air concerts, picnics in the park or intimate gatherings with your nearest and dearest.

Enjoy the quartet of flavours of Chateau Del Rei Sparkling Wine, available in the Semi-Sweet, invigoratingly crisp Dry, blushing Rosé and the new Sweet Red.

For an instant celebration anytime, anywhere lookout for Chateau Del Rei Sweet Red at trendy city hang-outs, or find them at leading stores from R79 to R89 for a 6-pack or from R15 to R20 per 250ml can.


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