Celebrate with delicious pork belly and Muratie’s George Canitz Pinot Noir

It’s International Pinot Noir Day and what better way to celebrate it than with a delicious pork belly and Muratie’s George Canitz Pinot Noir. And if you don’t get around to it today, any day is good enough to celebrate the Prince of Reds … with this tasty pork belly!

Here goes:

Take a nice thick pork belly and have it scored in squares or thin strips – this will make the carving easier when cooked.

Pre-heat the oven 180˚ C.

Using medium coarse salt and white pepper, season on both sides – be generous with the salt.

Place half a cup of water in the roasting pan, this prevents the belly getting stuck to the pan and burning.

Place in the middle of the oven and roast for about 2 to 3 hours depending on the size and thickness of you piece of meat.

The top should be beautifully brown and the crackling fit for a king.

Serve it with a butternut puree and seasonal vegetables.

Butternut puree recipe (Produces 1.1ℓ)


  • Butternut – 1.13kg
  • Carrots – 145g
  • Chicken stock – 1 cube
  • Paprika – 10g
  • Cream – 30ml
  • Black pepper – 5g
  • Salt – 5g
  • Water – 500ml


  • Peel butternut and carrots, cube the butternut and dice the carrots.
  • Add water, chicken stock cube, butternut and carrots to a pot. Boil until soft.
  • Stir in dry ingredients.
  • Let rest until room temperature then add the cream.
  • Puree in a food processor (hand wand) until smooth – it should have a lovely vibrant colour.

Enjoy this feast with a glass (or more) of Muratie’s George Canitz Pinot Noir.





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