Celebrate life with Van Loveren’s stylish new zero-alcohol sparkling wine

Take your enjoyment of alcohol-free wine to the next level with new Absolute Zero sparkling wine – a range of sophisticated bubblies by Van Loveren.

Absolute Zero expands Van Loveren’s offering in this segment and follows on the heels of Almost Zero, a trio of wines containing less than 0.5% alcohol that is defined as “non-alcoholic”. By comparison, the new range of sparkling wines has 0.0% alcohol and is perfect to be enjoyed by everyone, anywhere, anytime.

Its zero alcohol means Absolute Zero is super low in kilojoules and calories. It’s even vegan-friendly!

The newcomer satisfies the demand for an even more versatile, premium-style wine and reaches more people in a trend towards healthier living that is increasingly evident across the globe. Absolute Zero allows you to easily embrace mindful drinking and major lifestyle changes, navigate stricter driving laws, detox and even go alcohol-free for a day, a week, a month or forever. Plus, the absence of alcohol means you’ll be able to buy Absolute Zero 24/7. No more booze-ban for you!

Van Loveren’s Absolute Zero range comprises two wines. The classic green bottle is the flag-bearer and made in a drier style. It shows crisp tropical flavours on the palate, enhanced by strings of fine bubbles. Absolute Zero Nectar (right) displays its light golden hue in a clear bottle and is made slightly off-dry. Its flavour shows notes of rich honey, fresh fruit and nougat that linger in an extended finish.

Both are crowned in bubbly’s classic cork closure, sealed in stylish foil – a gift just waiting to be unwrapped, whenever and whatever the occasion. As a healthier alternative, Absolute Zero gives you complete freedom to have a glass when it suits you.

Early-birds can pre-order Absolute Zero by going online via www.vanloveren.co.za where it sells for R600/case – delivered to your door. The wines are available in retail stores for R100 per bottle.

Spread the word online, using #VanLoverenWines #EnjoyAbsoluteZero. Tag Van Loveren on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

For more information, call 023 615 1505 or email info@vanloveren.co.za.


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