Beautiful moments that will only enhance the enjoyment of your favorite rosés!

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September 26, 2012

Instead of traveling somewhere to enjoy rosés, today I will take a look back at some of the places I’ve already enjoyed rosé, writes Gregory Dal Piaz from America. While it would be easy to suggest a trip to Provence to enjoy their finest rosé wines, the truth is that rosés embody the joy of summer, so any place is a great place to kick back and take in the fleeting beauty of those summer memories.

In many ways, that’s what rosés capture; last year’s sunshine and warmth, unfettered by winemaking and tricks of the trade that are commonly used to make wines more appealing. Instead, rosés rely on the evanescent expression of the fruit of the vine. So kick back and let these beautiful images take you on vacation for a few moments while you picture yourself reveling in the beauty of your favorite rosé, maybe with a beach-side sunset?


Maybe Sunrise is More Appropriate?


Judging from the looks of this stunning sunrise, it certainly might be. I see the colors of all my favorite rosés here. There's the orange of Muga, the magenta of Il Mimo, the purples, the pinks, and the yelllows all on beautiful display. What better way to celebrate the dawn of a new day than with something light, fresh, young and vibrant?

My sunrise rosé? Something juicy and soft, and perfect for a bacon, egg and cheese sandwiche! Let's go with a nice Rosé d'Anjou, whose sweetness can handle the smokiness and spice of my bacon.


With a Pizza?


Why yes, of course. Especially a super wood-fired version ... A bright rosé is one of the few wines that I really enjoy with a pizza.

Choose a rosé with enough fruit to balance the tomatoes, enough acidity to handle the creaminess of the cheese, and perhaps a whisper of sweetness to parry the bitter elements introduced by the charring of the pizza. And don't put a lot of crap on your pizza, save that for a deep dish!


At the Beach


I was just discussing this the other night during our Virtual Tasting of Rosés, I love rosé at the beach! The beach is natural for rosés, and you can even keep your bottle cool by digging down into the wet sand and burying it there. One thing though, take your garbage with you! The beach is all of ours and I don't want to deal with your trash while I'm digging for my rosé!


Something crisp and refreshing is what I want on the beach. Something easy, uncomplicated and pure, and rosé of pinot noir often fills that bill.


With Friends


Sharing wine with friends can be a challenge. It's hard to please everyone and you usually have to settle for making yourself happy and hoping everyone else comes along for the ride!


If I'm making myself happy, I'm probably going to serve something that's not terribly expensive, about $12 a bottle sounds right, and that is dry and super delicious. With so many choices, it's tough to choose. Let's settle on a wine that looks expensive with a famous pedigree. My friends will be impressed, they are after all easy to impress


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