Avondale: Mother Nature’s energies at play

When it comes to energies, 2018 was quick to usher in two Super Moons in January, one of which was also a Blood and a Blue Moon, says Johnathan Grieve of Avondale near Paarl.


Well, it seems as if the year is going to carry on just as it started – it’s an exceptional year for special moon events.  You can find out more about this here.

Harvest time at the beginning of each new year brings an incredible energy of profusion and fruitfulness to the farm,” continues Grieve. “In the early morning of the 26th of January we celebrated our 21st harvest anniversary as a family at Avondale.


“In this memorable year we are excited to expand on our unique, natural winemaking philosophy by adding 24 Qvevri to our barrel cellar.  You could feel the energy of new possibilities opening up when the large, oval, terracotta Qvevri arrived from Georgia on the 9th February. After a few weeks of hard work, Corne and his cellar team buried the Qvevri in a prime position in the cellar and they are currently being filled. The entire winemaking process, from fermentation to maturation takes place within the Qvevri.  Often, the fermenting grape juice is left on the skins so that wines of exceptional flavour, complexity and colour can develop.

“With all this positive energy so early in the year, we are excited to see what 2018 will bring. Make sure to keep tuned into our exciting news and find out more below about our Easter and Earth Hour events.”



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