Actress Sarah Jessica Parker to launch wine range

American actress Sarah Jessica Parker, well-known for playing Carrie Bradshaw in Sex and the City, is launching a wine range in collaboration with New Zealand winery Invivo.

Due to launch this summer (in the Northern Hemisphere), SJP worked alongside Invivo’s founders, Tim Lightbourne and Rob Cameron, to develop the range, which includes a New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc and a Rosé.

“I’m a true wine lover and love including wine in family dinners and occasions with friends, so this is a very exciting and fun project for me. I’m looking forward to every stage of the creation process,” says Parker. “I intend to be very hands-on throughout, as I am with all my endeavours, and could not be partnering with a better brand than Invivo.

“I’m looking forward to traveling to New Zealand to see where the grapes grow and the wine is made. The boys even brought me a pair of gumboots, which, they assure me, are the height of Kiwi vineyard fashion,” she added.

Rather than simply putting her name on the label, Parker will be involved in all aspects of the creation of the wines, from the naming and label design to the winemaking and choosing the final blend. She is also a shareholder in the company.

“We want this wine range to be 100% Sarah Jessica Parker,” says Cameron, “so other than selecting the base wines for a Sauvignon Blanc and Rosé, I’ll be taking a back seat and letting her create the blends. It comes down to Sarah Jessica’s palate and preferences. We want to create wines that she loves and wants to drink and share with friends.

“The partnership with Sarah Jessica feels like a perfect fit. We didn’t want a silent partner or just a familiar face – we wanted someone who will throw themselves into the process and make wine that’s all about them and reflects their good taste.”

Invivo is fast carving a niche for lucrative celebrity wine collaborations. Maybe South African wine brands should take note!


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